Debo Batissier
Debo Batissier in Cavity Violent Form

Debo Batissier in Cavity Violent Form, the result from Debo Viruson's virus.

Debo Batissier
is a Debo Monster themed after a pâtissier, created to serve Candelilla to produce delicious cakes that make humans unbearably happy. He is armed with the Whitto Whipper whisk and the Delicious Cream Piping Bag used for making cakes.

However, during his mission, he experienced a sudden change in his personality when energy was pumped into him from an unknown source and starting giving his customers cavities, resulting in all the Emotion Energy that Debo Batissier had collected to be transfered from Candelilla's totem to Aigaron's, all while assuming the Cavity Violent Form, where his teeth became rotten, with some even missing.

This gave him the ability of the Cavity Beam, which is a laser of concentrated sweetness that causes people's teeth to decay. However, this also alerted the Kyoryugers to Candelilla's failed scheme.

After he went insane from another charge of energy when Candelilla tried to console him into causing joy again, his coat ripped apart to reveal his mutated body that was brought about from the change into Cavity Violent Form, then ran off. Now he is able to use his Delicious Fireball Piping Bag to shoot fireballs. During his tussle with Kyoryu Black, the Kyoryuger learned that Batissier's remaining teeth were a lot harder then they had looked, and was hit by his own reflected Brave Finish, then was hit with the Cavity Beam, debilitating him.

After Kyoryu Green smashed out Batissier's teeth with a Parasagun Zyuden Brave Slash, preventing him from using his Cavity Beam, he was defeated by Kyoryu Black with a Parasagun + Zakutor Zyuden Brave Finish, which got rid of the cavities Batissier had caused. He grew giant by taking Luckyuro's Joyro container and dumped the entire contents of the container all over him.

Debo Batissier was finally destroyed by Kyoryuzin's Zyudenken Brave Finish.

He was revived along with other defeated Debo Monsters. He was seen along with Debo Vaacance running away from the Kyoryugers while the team chases them at the end.


  • Height: 207 cm (52.5 m: giant)
  • Weight: 168 kg (427.5 t: giant)
  • Debo Batissier's name is one kana-change away from being "pâtissier"