Debilitas is a mentally disabled, hulking, grotesque-looking hunchback who works as Belli Castle's gardener and handyman. Despite his appearance of massive strength, he has the mental capacity of approximately a young child, and is prone to outbursts. He can only understand simple language, and is only heard speaking short, garbled phrases: "My dolly", "Where is you!" and the rarely heard "My little poogly pie!", "Good Night!", and "me mad!" (shows if you hide at the evasion point after you push the bookcase on Debilitas). He plays with dolls, and believes that Fiona Belli is also a doll for him to play with, thus he is compelled to pursue her. Debilitas is persistent and powerful but can be easily outwitted by Fiona. He can easily kill Fiona by crushing her in a massive bear-hug and can beat her to death if she's fallen in panic.