She was Homecoming Queen & Primary antagonist in 1984 julia brown`s song/music video with same name.
Insane queen

Debi got a gun...

Her personality

She fine and turning insane with revolver and killing few people at school. And end she claimed to tribute to "johnny" that she presumed is suffered from Paranoid Schizophrenia or that "johnny" was actual person that like dead long or short ago to vengeance johnny death (As seen begin of music video that in flower is indeed are said from "johnny" in last paragraph) that she get from or she get her flowers all herself and pretend that she got boyfriend aka Homecoming king.


Is revolve around a teenaged Valley girl oblivious recounting of how her best friend, Debi, who upon being crowned homecoming queen unexpectedly pulled out a weapon and began indiscriminately killing classmates and teachers at the parade.

Homecoming Queen's got a gun (Unedited!!!)04:58

Homecoming Queen's got a gun (Unedited!!!)