Deathstar anime
Deathstar is the first villian from New Cutey Honey who has a large impressive powerful, gun and bust. She is brash, loud, mean and curvy. She wears a skintight leather outfit with star pasties on her pointy nipples, high heels and arm gloves. She might be having secks with Dolmeck. She is voiced by Laura Chapman in the dub and Sakiko Tamagawa in Japan.


She is rather skilled with a machine gun and might be great in bed. In her monster form she can fire her ribs out and extend them as weapons. She can alsp fly on her big hard wings somehow but goes down if they take any damage.


She is 1st seen nude with Dolmeck in bed. She then attacks Mayor Light after killing the council, using grenades and her gun. Danbei Hayami and Chokkei Hayami then bust in and helps them escape but Deathstar calls on her Moto-Mutants who chase them up to the roof. She then gives the Mayor Dolmeck's message of "if you can beat me, Dolmeck won't think you're weak!" After slugging out Danbei, she aims her gun at his head, causing Honey Kisaragi to attempt a rescue. Deathstar shoots up Honey but Honey transforms and regains her memories. Deathstar shoots at Honey but the android is too nimble, so Deathstar sends her bikers at her. After the bikers are beaten she asks honey what kind of monster she is, to which Honey gives a breif rundown of her forms before transforming into her Cutey Honey mode. Deathstar then injects the monster thing into her rather large left breast and transforms into some fur covered Dr Seuss creature. She fires off her ribs to knock Honey off the building and continues the assault while Honey hangs from the side of said building, but Honey gets away on her jet. After a brief chase she catches up to the jet but Honey sneak attacks her and chops off one of Deathstar's wings. On the ground she grabs Honey's throat but is repelled when Honey kicks her eye dead. After a brief sword fight she winds up backed against a car where Honey comes down on her with a sword swing. Despite blocking it with her arms, she is cleaved in half as Honey powers up her blade. And then, she died.