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So naive... You have no idea, do you? What a pity... You make an old man cry. Arrogant, crude little shits like you come around from time to time. Listen well, young one. The wall is high. Higher than you will ever know. Ultimate sacrifice is sublime... Now draw!
~ Death Metal

Count Townsend, better known by his pseudonym Death Metal (デスメタル), is a fictional character in the 2007 video game No More Heroes. He is a 55-year-old English assassin who lives in a mansion on the outskirts of Santa Destroy, and is ranked tenth in the United Assassins Association. Death Metal was voiced by Grant Albretch in the English version.

Role Edit

Most of his body is covered in tattoos and he brandishes a large curved beam katana that greatly contrasts Travis'. His saber, the Orange II, has a symbol which parodies Apple Inc.'s logo as it was designed by the fictitious Orange Computers, also a parody of Apple Inc. During the conversation before their battle, Travis somewhat envies him for living in what he considers true luxury, though Death Metal believes his envy to be foolishness since he doesn't feel the same way about his lavish surroundings. He explains that where he lives is no paradise, but rather a place for people to die. After his defeat, he passes on the title of "Holy Sword" to Travis and tells him to "master the ways of the assassin" shortly before Travis decapitates him with his beam katana (In the Japanese version, Travis slashes him into several dusts).