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Death Mask Monster
In human form.

Death Mask in human form.

The Death Mask Monster (3) is the third of Egos' Monsters.


She was ordered by Egos to hunt down the rat that has been revealing the society's secrets to Battle Fever. Death Mask accomplished this by disguising herself as a human and was also attempting to get the blue prints for Battle Fever's top secret robot. However the blue print that Battle Japan gave was a fake. And Battle Fever manage to defeat her at a scrap yard. Her main weapons are a cutlass sword and exploding daggers.


  • Death Mask Monster's human form is played by Machiko Soga, who would go on to have several other roles in Super Sentai, such as Queen Hedrian in Denziman & Sun Vulcan and Witch Bandora in Zyuranger.

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