Death Knights are powerful and feared undead beings in the Warcraft universe who were originally the enforcers of the Lich King's will and by extension the tools by which he attempted to eradicate all life from Azeroth as the leader of the Scourge. The basic attributes of the death knights are strength and endurance. Tankers aim for the greatest evasion index, evaporate attacks or mastery. Deadly Knights of Death draw their attention to their critical hits and haste. Death Knights can accept and change between the three Presents: Blood Presence, Frost Presence and Unholy Presence. Each of them provides other benefits, and certain abilities, such as Rune Strike, change the skill effect based on the presence of the presence, however, any change in presence causes zero of accumulated rune power.

However much like the Forsaken the Death Knights would eventually break away from the Scourge and became their own faction (as well as a playable class) who while still deeply distrusted by many are accepted by the leaders of the Horde and Alliance, for now at least.