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The heavily armored Death Knights are physically strong soldiers, and they move relatively fast. They attack with their long scimitars, and are similar in appearance to the Death Knight unit in Heroes of Might and Magic III, only unmounted. The family consists of the Death Knight, the Doom Knight and the Cuisinart.

Death Knight

One can hear when a Death Knight approaches, with its chilling whispers and its rattling armor. The Death Knight attacks with their chopping scimitars, and has the ability to make a party character Afraid. They have 280 HP.

Doom Knight

The Doom Knight is exactly like its predecessor, only stronger and tougher. They have 540 HP.


The Cuisinart is the strongest of the Death Knights. It is much taller and bigger than the other Death Knights, and its attack is remarkably strong. It too possesses the ability to make characters Afraid, and has much more armor. They have 880 HP.<null></null><null></null><null> </null><null></null><null></null><null></null><null> </null><null> </null>

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