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Death blade

Death Blade is a mini-boss in the video game Madworld.


Death Blade is a skeletal grim reaper-like humanoid. He carries a giant scythe and rides on roller blades.


Death Blade is a mini-boss in the courtyard level of the Mad Castle. He appears out of nowhere and tries to kill Jack. Death Blade can be defeated with one hit with the chainsaw. Despite that, he returns for a second time and always returns if a zombie grabs Jack. If a zombie grabs Jack, Death Blade will appear in front of Jack and attempts to kill Jack with his scythe for a one hit KO shot. If Jack gets out, Death Blade will fall to the ground and try to attack Jack again. This procedure will continue until Jack gets enough points to fight the Shamans.


  • Death Blade alone is one of the reasons why many people hate the courtyard level
  • There has been rumors that Death Blade and Jude the Dude are the same person.

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