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Death Bear is an one-shot minor villain of the 2010 animated series Regular Show. He appeared in the titular episode "Death Bear" as the main antagonist.


The Death Bear is a large brown bear wearing a red cape around his neck, and a pickelhaube.


He was described as "Evil to the core". Troubled in his younger days, Death Bear is known to kill anyone he sees and is an extremely dangerous predator.


Fifteen to twenty years prior to the event of the episode, he was a troubled bear who lived in the Park Zoo. One day, out of nowhere, he killed his trainer. The zoo was forced to close down, but Death Bear wouldn't leave. So he still roams the abandoned zoo, growing more evil over the years, only to be able to survive by breaking into people's homes, eating all of their food, and then eating THEM! When Mordecai, Rigby, Margaret and Eileen go to the abandoned zoo to take a picture of its cage, they are ambushed by the Death Bear, who chases them all the way back home. Here, they call animal control to trap the bear, but they are unsuccesful. The bear then attempts to kill the gang but Mordecai keeps firing tranquilizer darts at it (after accidentally hitting Rigby in the shoulder first wiht a dart), which seem to have no effect on the beast, until it suddenly falls down asleep. The bear then was taken to an animal sanctuary, where he lived better and redeemed himself.

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