Death Adder is the major villain from Golden Axe. A fearsome giant, Death Adder seeks nothing but to conquer all lands of Yuria.


By using the power of the legendary Golden Axe, Death Adder imprisoned the king and his daughter, unleashing his horde of minions to enslave all people from Yuria, making him their evil ruler. Many villages were pillaged and all who opposed him were slain in cold-blood. Three heroes, whose parents were killed by Death Adder, decided to put an end to Death Adder's evil reign. They were Ax Battler the barbarian, Tyris Flare the amazon, and Gillius Thunderhead the dwarf. Together, they traveled the lands of Yuria, fighting Death Adder's minions and freeing the people from slavery. They invade Death Adder's castle, where they face the giant in battle. Death Adder is defeated.

Years later, when people was living at peace again, Death Adder emerged from the darkness, along with his castle, spreading chaos and destruction again. This time, Death Adder wanted revenge. Four new heroes stood against his forces, fighting their way after the evil giant. They invade his castle by flying in the back of a dragon, and face Death Adder, defeating him again. However, as they were fleeing the crumbling castle in the dragon, Death Adder ambushes them, in an attempt to kill all of them at once. Gillius, who was along with them, uses the Golden Axe and hits Death Adder in the head, but they both fall from the dragon. Gillius dies, but Death Adder dies as well, and the Golden Axe disappears.


  • His voiced was provided by the late James Avery.
  • He has a mentor named Death Bringer.
  • Death Adder appears in Twilight Princesses as a second recurring villain to destroy Lulu.