I hate those guys.
~ Dean Vernon Wormer after the Deltas crash the homecoming parade.

Dean Vernon Wormer is the supporting antagonist of the 1978 film National Lampoon's Animal House and the spin off television series Delta House.

Wormer was portrayed by the late John Vernon, who also played Curtis Mooney.


Wormer is the dean of Faber College and despises the rowdy and out of control Delta fraternity. He enlists the snobby Omegas to help him find a way to expel the Deltas. After the Deltas throw a perverse toga party (during which one of them has sex with Wormer's wife), Wormer revokes the Deltas' charter and places them on "double-secret probation". Once he sees how poor the Deltas' midterm grades are, he finally has an excuse to expel them.

In retaliation, the Deltas crash the annual homecoming parade, terrorizing Wormer and the Omegas. After the parade the various members of the Delta House went on bigger and better things, while Wormer and the Omegas did not wind up so well.

Wormer remained in his position as dean for a while longer, but after accepting responsibility for the homecoming parade fiasco Wormer eventually lost his job as dean.

In "Where Are They Now?", it is revealed that by the early 21st century he was living in a Florida nursing home. One day John Landis came to interview Wormer about his tenure as dean. Wormer barely remembered his past, but became violent when the members of Delta House were mentioned.