Dean Ambrose is the former leader of the villainous faction The Shield and currently a vicious untrustworthy Anti-Hero

Dean Ambrose

untrustworthy Anti-Hero who may or may not being going Heel either betraying The Shield or his paranoia getting the best of him He is an angry ruthless man who has an angry ruthless attitude heel or face. He may be turning heel due to his unstable attitude. He was also a heel in his Ring of Honor,NXT and FCW and the Indie circuit either has Jon Moxley or his real name Jon Good and Dean Ambrose and was a heel in WWE from August 2012 to March 2014.


Believe In The Shield

You Can't Plan for Dean Ambrose

Ain't No Running Ain't No Hiding from Dean Ambrose!

Yeah I'm crazy but you would have to be crazy to compete in WWE!

Nobody Understands me Back There!

I'm called Unstable for a reason!

I want Revenge and I want it Now!

I'll kick your teeth in if you take me lightly.

I love Danger and Poking the Hornet's Nest it's thrilling


Various attacks on people heel of face

Has brutally beaten people to a pulp

smiles and laughs after he's hurt people

He likes hurting people in graphic ways and some sort of sick pleasure of it

Orchestrated many attacks when he was the mouthpiece leader of T

he Shield

Cheated to win on many occasions

he has a ruthless untrustworthy attitude meaning he would stab you in the back if he had the opportunity

He injured William Regal and laughed about it

He is a sick and twisted person who loves pain and inflicting it on others.