Sidney De'ath as a Judge

The Deadworld Judges are, well, the Deadworld equivalent of Dredd's Earth Judges, except they were much more psychopathic and tried to kill anyone for any reason, so unsurprisingly it attracted psychopaths like Judge Death or his "brothers". They appeared in Judge Death's story "Young Death: Boyhood Superfiend".


The Deadworld Judges are much more corrupt psychopathic than the Judges in Dredd's world, executing anyone they please (Within Reason). Their uniforms are much more menacing with a slick black body endorsed with skulls. Instead of the Academy of Law, they had Law School overseen by a Principal. Trainee Judges would spend a day in court, sentencing minor offenders (a young Death would be told that it would be "fine" to sentence a minor offender to death and borderline acceptable to kill two or three). Four of them are who would become the Dark Judges, who are bad even by Deadworld's standards. Eventually, Judge Death proceeded to murder the current Chief Judge and he orders all Judges to start exterminating the world's population since life itself is a crime, according to Judge Death.

After wiping out the planet, Deadworld's Judges were then themselves massacred by the Dark Judges.

Judge Dredd witnessed the Judges in action when he was hunting Judge Death in Deadworld.


Deadworld, despite having a Judge system and having some degree of future tech, did not possess City Blocks or most of the features the Mega-Cities do, instead being very much like 20th Century Earth. Dreaming was considered abnormal and dangerous, and those who dreamt repeatedly were often Psis, who were rounded up by the Judges.