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Meddlesome hero! The time of shadow is upon us!
~ ~Deadwood

The Deadwood battle

Deadwood is a big, tall tree who is the second boss of the Drawn to Life series. He is fought in a big, secluded forest. He is a unique boss in that you don't go through an entire stage to reach him, and there are two parts to this battle. The first part takes place outside of Deadwood. His attacks in that part are sending out Shadow walker and Shadow bats at you and growling to temporarily stun you. To defeat him the first time you must look for his weak points which are little pinecones with eyeballs and a mouth then shoot them with your Acornblaster that you, the creator designed. You have to shoot these tree times, then he'll growl to try to stun you.

The second part of the Deadwood battle

Once Deadwood is weakened, he will open his big mouth which you will then enter. This all leads to the second part of the battle which is now inside Deadwood. The strategy for this part is similar to outside Deadwood except your target is a moving shadow whose attacks are: coming straight at you, sticking shadow roots that somewhat line the inside of the tree, and then pounding the inside of the tree. Once the shadow is defeated Deadwood will thank you for ridding him of the shadow that had been corrupting him and after that, a cage will fall from inside the tree. The Raposa in this cage is known as Samuel. I just so happen to think that he looks like a brown Munchlax (Pokemon series).

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