Let me tell you something about me. Life is the most valuable thing we have, right? When you take a life, that should mean something, right? When I killed my brother, I felt nothing. No guilt, no remorse -- nothing. And he was the one person in this world I ever gave two damns about. They lied to me -- about the importance of life. The only life anybody really cares about is their own and I don't even care about that. You understand? I'm just killing time, waiting to die.
~ Deadshot to his psychiatrist Marnie Herrs, at the end of Deadshote: Homecoming.

You just can't get used to the fact that... maybe... people can't be cured. That evil maybey truly exists. (Marnie Herrs: You don't want to take that chance don't you? The chance that you're maybe wrong. The chance that you should maybe change) I am who I am. What I am. The dices had been thrown. Let them as they are.
~ Deadshot concluding the last issue of his 80S miniseries.

A nice, clean kill. Just the way I like 'em.
~ One of Deadshot's game over quotes from Arkham Origins.

Deadshot is an assassin for hire who frequently battles Batman and the Justice League. He is one of the villains in the Batman: Arkham series.


Western Deadshot

Western Deadshot

Little is known about Deadshot's past before being an assassin. All that is known is that his real name was Floyd Lawton, and he had an abusive father he tried to kill, but unintentionally shot his brother. He has since become a crack shot, often boasting that he never misses.

He initially arrived at Gotham City claiming to be a new crime fighter. He was actually planning on becoming king of Gotham's Underworld, while taking out crime bosses as a superhero. Batman and Gordon exposed this plan and he was jailed. He was also a member of the Suicide Squad, a government program that uses supervillain's services on life or death mission in exchange for a pardon. This was perfect for Deadshot because he believes he has no life purpose and doesn't care if he lives or dies. When not working for the Squad he goes on assassination missions.

On his missions he has assassinated a senator, killed a man committing crimes pretending to be Deadshot, and offering to put Count Vertigo out of his misery. He was once possessed by a demon named Neron. While controlled Neron tried to have him kill a kindergarten class but the Justice League stops him. He also once attempted to kill the pope but was stopped by Wonder Woman. In 2005, Deadshot learned that he had a daughter named Zoey living in a rough neighborhood controlled by gangs.

Though he decided a normal life as a father wasn't for him, instead wiping out all the local gangs. Deadshot later broke into Arkham Asylum to kill Joker on an assassination mission, but was stopped and nearly killed by another assassin named Onomatopoeia. He informs Batman what had happened and was sent back to jail. After being caught yet again, he returns to the government operated Suicide Squad.

Movie/Television History

Justice League

Deadshot (Justice Leaque)

Deadshot (Justice League)

Deadshot appears in the Justice League animated series. He was hired to kill Aquaman while he was recovering in a hospital, but the Justice League intervened and stopped him. He also appeared along with several other villains destroying Metropolis as a celebration of Superman's death.

The Justice League captured him and the others. He appeared again working for the Suicide Squad, called Task Force X in the animated series. They stole an invincible juggernaut from the watchtower called the Annihilator. He was in the service of the Squad for five years, but it disbanded before then.


Deadshot (Smallville)

Deadshot (Smallville).

Deadshot also appeared in Smallville working with Suicide Squad to try and kill Clark Kent. He was defeated along with Plastique and Rick Flagg.

Batman: Gotham Knight

Deadshot (Gotham Knight)

Deadshot (Gotham Knight).

Deadshot appears in the movie Batman: Gotham Knight as an assassin and a socialite in Gotham. He assassinated Gotham's mayor and then was hired to kill Batman using Commissioner Gordon as bait. Batman managed to defeat him and the man that hired him was arrested.


Floyd Lawton Arrow 001
Deadshot made an appearance in the third episode of Arrow as an infamous hitman who never misses. He is an antagonist-turned anti-hero character and member of Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad.

Batman the Brave and the Bold

Deadshot BTBATB 001

Deadshot (Batman: The Brave and the Bold).

In the episode "Night of the Batmen" Deadshot appears as causing chaos in Gotham City but is stopped by Green Arrow disguised as Batman. In this show, he was voiced by Tom Kenny.

Suicide Squad

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The Flash

Floyd Lawton's Earth-2 doppleganger made his appearance in "Welcome to Earth-2". In this alternate reality, he is a clumsy, insecure Detective of the CCPD and Iris's partner. He is mockingly called "Deadshot" because on this earth, he has extremely bad aim, bad enough to miss a round of shots at Reverb from blank space.

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay

Deadshot appeared in DC Animated Movie Universe film, Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay as the overall main protagonist villain. In the film, he is voiced by Christian Slater.


Deadshot is such a camper

Deadshot in Batman: Arkham Origins.

Main article: Deadshot (Arkhamverse)

Batman: Arkham Origins

After "Black Mask" put a $50,000,000 calm, Christmas Eve, Deadshot was one of eight assassins sent to attempt the execution and claim the reward.

Batman: Arkham City

Deadshot makes an appearance in Batman Arkham City in one of the side stories. He was hired by Hugo Strange to assassinate the Political Prisoners, Jack Ryder, Bruce Wayne and Batman. After Deadshot kills one of the Prisoners, Batman investigated who killed him.


In Injustice: Gods Among Us, Deadshot appears in Stryker's Island, taking cover behind a pillar and periodically exchanges shots with the guards.

In Harley Quinn's S.T.A.R. Labs Missions, Deadshot ambushes Quinn, targeting her with missiles and grenades, preventing her from interrogating him about the Joker's apparent death.

Prior to the events of Injustice 2, Deadshot was found and captured by Gorilla Grodd, who had implanted a nano explosive within Deadshot's head, and would be detonated should Deadshot not join the Society. The mercenary does, being the only unwilling member. In his ending, after both Brainiac and Grodd's deaths, Batman took Deadshot to the hospital to remove the nano in his head safely despite he hated hospitals. He finally see his daughter, Zoe in her 9th birthday and being together with her again.


They're wrong. If I wanted to be dead, I would be. I don't want to die. I just don't care if I do.
~ Deadshot

I'll mount your head on my wall.
~ Deadshot in Injustice 2

Well baggin' you will be one hell of a payday.
~ Deadshot



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