Deadpool's Fan Club is an evil organization that appears in the video game Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions.


Anti-mutant freaks and geeks, Deadpool wannabees, and/or mercenary rejects; this sinister fan club/cult serves as Deadpools own personel army.  Indeed they come in numbers so surprisingly large that Deadpool doesn't hesitate to throw whole crowds of these expendables at those of his victims who get out of hand on the show

The majority of these henchfans consists of brainless dim-a-dozen losers dressed in cheap Deadpool outfits.  But these pawns are commanded by tough and burly leutenets with intelligence to spare who fight without weapons.  

They wear combat uniforms with Deadpool-like masks and color schemes.  The smallest and most dangerous class of Deadpool's fan club is a gang of mentally unstable giant thugs.  

What they lack in brains, they more than make up for in fanatical loyalty and brute strength.  They wear metal Deadpool masks, black shirts that read "I heart D-Pool", gloves, red trousers, and combat boots.  They are also armed with giant hammer that they effortlessly apply in combat.


When the Ultimate Dimension Spider-man is forced to be a guest on Deadpool's deadly show, Pain Factor, to recover one of the fragments of the Tablet of Order and Chaos; he is confronted with artificially intelligent cameras.  

When Spider-Man proceeds to destroy one of these cameras, Deadpool unleashes his army (and by army he means production assistants, and by production assitants he means unpaid interns, and by unpaid interns he meant fans) on him in order to defend the cameras. However, the "henchfans" failed to save the cameras from and were virtually annihilated by Spiderman throughout the level. 

By the time Spiderman reached the final stage, he went face to face with Deadpool (now enhanced with the power of cloning by the fragment) in a cage. The remnant of Deadpool's fans watched from the outside of the cage, and dropped bombs in at intervals.  But for all their efforts, Deadpool was defeated (which was probably their ultimate defeat).