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The Deacon (otherwise known as the Proto-Xenomorph or the Ultra-Morph) is a Xenomorph-like creature who appears at the ending of the 2012 film Prometheus.

The Deacon has not yet appeared in any other films and does not yet count as being a villain.


The Deacon appears to have the overall look of a Xenomorph. However, there are some major differences compared to a regular Xenomorph. Deacon has a sharp point at the end of his head, only has an upper jaw on his internal jaw, and has no tail. Deacon's top jaw appears to have human-like teeth while his internal jaw and lower jaw have sharp jagged teeth. Having no lower jaw on its internal jaw, makes it look as if the Deacon's internal jaw and regular lower jaw as if it is part of another mouth.


Deacon was the result of Charles Holloway having "sexual-relations" with Elizabeth Shaw while infected with A0-3959x.91 – 15, impregnating Shaw with the Trilobite. Before the creature could emerge, Shaw removed it using surgical equipment. It later, in turn, impregnated the last Engineer with the Deacon.

Deacon materialized after bursting from an Engineer on one the USCSS Prometheus' escape pods on LV223. Deacon is said to be born fully evolved as an adult. But since an adult version of Deacon has yet to be seen, it is unknown if that is true.


  • The Deacon was given it's name because of it's pointed head which resembles a bishop's hat.
  • It is unknown if Deacon is actually a Xenomorph. However, it is most likely since they probably have the same source, A0-3959x.91 – 15.
  • A mural is seen of Deacon in the Alien Temple earlier in the film Prometheus indicating that either Deacon's birth was foretold or it is not the first of it's species.
  • A NECA action figure of Deacon scheduled to be released in April. However, it is available on Amazon which says that it is in stock and is also available for pre-order on Toy