In the Kong : The Animated Series , De La Porta Henchmen are the Professor Ramone De La Porta follower and Henchmen. Every episode which De La Porta need to kidnap someone or do something for his goal, they will help him to do it and all of them equipped with Cyberlink. Not all of them will appear in same episode, sometime they will partnered . There is a four main henchmen that always appear in the episode : Omar , Frazetti, Giggles and Tiger Lucy . In some episode, De La Porta also has another henchmen from another country, such as like Wu-chan from China and Rajeev from India

They made first appearance is from Episode 1, but with a different person unlike in episode 5 until the end of the series

Major Members


Omar is a tall African American man and the second in command of De La Porta. Because of this, he is the most loyal toward to him and he also ever to save him from the control of chiros in episode The Thirteenth Stone and from Seth in episode the sleeping city .Throughout the series, he always partnered with Tiger Lucy and occasionally with Frazetti . and Also he used the Cyber-Link to merge with a lion and an eagle to become a Griffin, Triceratops DNA, a giant anteater, a rat, a dog, a mandrill, a coyote, and a lizard. And also he is the first people who can merge with two animals. His last appearance in episode lies, where he along with Frazetti and Giggles are trapped in the kong island. He is voiced by Scott McNeil

  • Frazetti

Frazetti is a muscular man with blonde cow-lick hair and golden earring in his left ear. He possibility an Italian and always partnered with Giggles and occasionally with Omar. Throughout the series, he has used the Cyber-Link less than the other henchmen as he used it to merge with a hyena, a Stegosaurus, and aquetzal and a rattlesnake to become the show's version of Quetzalcoatl .He also the fourth person and the last who merge with a two animals aside Omar, De La Porta and Wu-Chan.His last appearance in episode lies, where he along with Omar and Giggles are trapped in the kong island.He is voiced by Kirby Morrow.

  • Giggles
Giggles KongTAS

A large fat man with a black mustache who working with De La Porta. Despite his large body, he is a air-head man. His real name never reveal and he always called Giggles in fact he often Giggling. He ever accidentally kidnapped along with Kong when he become a giant-humanoid eagle, forcing the heroes caught De La Porta and working together with him to save him and Kong from Howling Jack park in episode DNA Land .He usually partnered with Frazetti and Occasioanlly with Tiger Lucy.Throughout the series, Giggles uses the Cyber-Link to merge with a Komodo dragon, a crocodile, an eagle, a tarantula, a coyote, and a Stegosaurus..His last appearance in episode lies, where he along with Omar and Frazetti are trapped in the kong island

Tiger lucy6

The only henchwoman of De La Porta. She is actually a art-dealer of Tannenbaum family and have a little crush with Eric "Tann" Tannenbaum.She is the first henchman who used a cyberlink and the most rare to use it as well as she only use it twice. She does not care what he wants to do as long as she gets paid, which make De La Porta annoyed with her.Though she once used the Cyber-Link to become a monstrous cat, she does on one occasion use it to merge with her own cat in episode Framed . Her last appearance is episode The Thirteenth Stone and the only main henchmen who not trap in kong island in episode Lies.She is voiced by Nicole Oliver

Minor Member/One-time Henchmen

  • Wu-chan
Wu-chan kongTAS

Another De La Porta Henchmen and he is from China. His only appearance is in episode curse of the dragon , where he first time ordered by him to kidnap Jason and Lua as he pretend to take Jason to karate tournament. He and De La Porta force Jason into going into the Tomb of China's First Emperor near the Great Wall of China to retrieve a parchment that will reveal the secrets of the Primal Stone of Life and Death in exchange for Lua's safety. It was mentioned that Wu-Chan couldn't do the job because he is claustrophobic. He use a cybelink to to merge with a King snake and the Pekingese that De La Porta had with him to form a Chinese Dragon.He is voiced by Scott McNeil

  • Rajeev
Rajeev kongTAS

Another De La Porta Henchmen and he is from India. His only appearance is in episode top of the world , where He and his allies assisted De La Porta in obtaining an ancient parchment from a Himalayan Monastery. De La Porta also give him a cyberlink which at the first time he nervous to use it, but he take it forcing by De La Porta.  He uses the Cyber-Link that De La Porta gave him to merge with a giant Yeti that Kong befriended. Kong manages to defeat Rajeev by freeing the Yeti from Rajeev's control


  • When they use Cyberlink and become a humanoid-giant animals, their eyes also glowing red just like De La Porta when he use Cyberlink