Dawn is the final villain of the tv show Under The Dome (based on the Stephen King novel). She was portrayed by Kylie Bunbury, the same actress who played her mother Eva Sinclair. She is also the biological daughter of the show's protagonist, Dale "Barbie" Barbara.

After Dawn was born, her mother was suffocated with a pillow by Christine who placed Dawn in a cocoon where she grew into an adult in the form of her mother. After she emerged, she murdered Christine and took over the leadership of The Kinship.

After Joe sacrificed himself to make himself the "8th note" of the Kinship whistle song as a replacement for the egg that has been destroyed by Big Jim, it brought down the dome. Dawn tried to get the cement factory in an effort to avoid the army. She found a beam across the crevice, and tried to cross it only to discover that Barbie had weakened the board. After a confrontational talk, Barbie stomped on the board causing it to break in half sending Dawn plummeting to the bottom while Barbie grabbed the chain and pulled himself out.

However, in the epilogue, Dawn is revealed to have survived the fall and is now in Omaha, Nebraska. She finds the three little boys looking at the new egg and told them they'll be coming back to the park another day before they walked away leaving the egg on the ground.

It is debatable if Dawn is the true antagonist of the series due to appearing in a small number of episodes.