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Dawn Buckets is the main antagonist of the Disney XD series, Kirby Buckets. She is the older sister of Kirby and best friend to Belinda, she is always trying to find a way to get her brother in trouble and impress Mandy McDaniels, who is mentioned to be the coolest girl in school. She is played by Olivia Stuck.


Dawn is the main girl protagonist and antagonist to Kirby. She can be kinda sarcastic, but wants to be the friendly popular girl and not the "Dawnzilla" monster she was in middle school.

Physical Appearance 

Dawn can be described with brown hair and brown eyes.


  • In the pilot it is revealed that Dawn and Belinda used to sit with the lunchlady.
  • Dawn used to be a Nerd until she changed her whole look.
  • It is revealed, that Dawn is a really good prankster.
  • She's had a crush on Evan Hansen since the 5th grade.
  • She is very superficial.
  • She is the main antagonist of the show.
  • She is shown not to care very much or not at all about her brother Kirby.
  • She doesn't seem to mind Fish.

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