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Davis Bodyguards

Davis' Bodyguards escorting Senator Ron Davis

Davis' Bodyguards were two large unnamed male individuals which served as bodyguards for Senator Ron Davis from Resident Evil: Degeneration. 

They accompanied Davis and his assistant to the Harvadville Airport and, with assistance from a local Police Officer, attempted to apprehend a pair of anti-WilPharma demonstrators wearing Zombie masks. Unfortunately, one of them was a real Zombie, and infected the cop who tried to arrest him. The cop quickly transformed into a Zombie and infected the first bodyguard. The second ordered the nearby innocent bystanders to retreat while he continued to protect the cowering Senator. Despite a valient attempt to defend both Ron Davis and the nearby civilians, the second bodyguard was quickly cut down by an increasing large number of the undead. Both appear later as Zombies in the film but were killed.