David rabb

David Rabb

David Rabb is one of the main antagonists in the manga version of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.

He arrived at Duel Academy along with Zane and another antagonist named Reggie MacKenzie. He along with Reggie participates in the tournament hosted by Duel Academy.

He duel againsted Syrus ans easily defeated him. He later crosses paths with Jaden, but didn't duel him because Jaden is a Slifer Red student. Because he is fluent in both English and Japanese, he is able to converse with the other characters.

David dueled Chazz in the Semifinals. Despite David actually harming Chazz he's still defeated by Chazz. Doing so the earring that was controling him scattered and releases David from controlling the evil spirit known as Tragoedia.