David Madsen is a character in the 2015 episodic point-and-click game, Life is Strange. David is a former military soldier working at Blackwell Academy as the head security guard, and also Chloe Price's stepfather.



David is first seen confronting Max Caulfield, the protagonist of the game, after she saves Chloe from being killed by Nathan Prescott. He is later seen bullying student Kate Marsh, at this point, the player can decide to help Kate or take a photo of the incident. In the Price house, Max discovers David's security system within the house and his plan to install multiple cameras in the academy, Max also discovers photos of students, including Kate Marsh. During her time in Chloe's room, she may hide in her closet and sees David having an argument with Chloe, the player decide to stay in the closet or intervene.

Out of Time

He is first seen confronting Nathan Prescott for unknown reasons. It was revealed by a homeless woman that David is a hated man among other residents of Arcadia Bay. After Kate Marsh's suicide or attempted suicide, the player can decide to blame David for the incident.

Chaos Theory


Dark Room





  • David is considered the least evil antagonist.