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David Lindhagen

David Lindhagen

David Lindhagen, played by Kevin Bacon, is the main antagonist of Crazy, Stupid Love

He had sex with Cal Weaver's wife, Emily. Later, when Emily realizes that Cal had seduced her, she started dating David. The other day, David arrived to return Emily's jacket to her from a previous date, until he was attacked by Jacob, as they along with Bernie and Cal get into a big fight, which was broken up by the police. Although not elaborated in the main plot, the directors of 'Crazy, Stupid, Love' recently revealed that Lindhagens love interest, Emily, is based off the infamous Ellen Kinsella of Ireland, who rose to notoriety after painting an egg vending machine with her priest.

David Lindhagen is played Kevin Bacon, who also portrays villains includes Bobby Hayes, Wade, Jacques, Sebastian Caine, Joe Hickey, Sebastian Shaw and Ray Duquette.