David Leigh is the hidden true antagonist of the 1997 mocumentary horror film The Last Broadcast. Throughout the movie, he functions as a documentary film maker and narrator who is out to prove the innocence of Jim Suerd, who was accused of the "Jersey Devil Murders" of the Fact or Fiction crew, before being revealed to be the true killer.

The Last Broadcast

The Jersey Devil Killings

In 1995, Fact or Fiction is a show that deals with the paranormal. The show gained a small popular status, before facing failure and potential cancelation. The shows two hosts Steven Avkast and Locus Wheeler came up with the idea of a live Internet Relay Chat section of the show. It is through these chats, an untraceable text suggested they do a show on the Jersey Devil. Leaping to the idea, they recruit Rein Clackin, a sound-man who allegedly can record the paranormal, and Jim Suerd, a psychic, who is apparently emotionally and mentally disturbed. They venture into the pine barrens of New Jersey, and days later, only Suerd emerges alive.

Following a phone call from Suerd himself, police eventually find the mutilated bodies of the crew, and blood evidence on Suerd's clothes, but not Avkast's body, but they accept him dead on account of the ammounts of his blood on the scene. Suerd was made the likely suspect, and the blood and footage found was amicable as evidence, and he was found guilty.

Proving Suerd's Innocence

A year after the trial, David Leigh would make a documentary, as he was skeptical of Suerd's guilt, and set out to find proof. Ironically at the time the film was made, Suerd died in prison of mysterious circumtances. During the making of the film, Leigh would talk about Fact or Fiction, the events leading up the murders, interviewing associates, and playing the footage found by investigators. Leigh would also comment the negative influences of media and the internet.

Eventually, Leigh is given a box containing a damaged videotape reel, which Leigh assumes is tape from the Fact or Fiction team thought not to exist. A data retrieval expert named Shelly Monarch is called in to reconstruct the images on the tape. She finds that not only have Wheeler and Clacklin's deaths been caught on tape, but that Suerd could not have committed the murders. What is also caught is a blurred image of the real killer. As Leigh videotapes her, Monarch uses an image editor to re-construct the image of the killer's face; her finished product is an image of Leigh.

The film suddenly shifts from a documentary style film to a more traditional style, in which Leigh attacks Monarch, suffocates her to death, before loading her corpse in his car, driving into the Pine Barrens, and dumping it into a clearing, before he begins to awkwardly film the next segment.