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David Hagan is a Neo-Nazi crime boss, gang leader, and the main antagonist of 2012 Action movie Fire with Fire.

He is portrayed by Vincent D'onofrio, who also played Edgar the Bug, Carl Rudolph Stargher, and Wilson Fisk.


Hagan is a sociopath and stone cold killer as stated by Mike Cella.

Hagan first kills a convenient store owner and his son in front of Jeremy Coleman. He is arrested and identified during an ID Parade but bailed. He then hunts down Coleman and Talia Durham. Coleman eventually finds Hagan's meeting spot and using his firefighting knowledge torches the building, killing everyone but Hagan and Talia. He rushes into the building and rescues Talia but is confronted by Hagan. Eventually Coleman throws an axe in Hagan's chest. As Hagan staggers back Talia picks up a gun and shoots a trigger which engulfs Hagan as he falls out the top floor to his death.

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