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Do you think you know me?... But you have no idea what I'm capable of.
~ David's last words
I believe everything happens for a reason
~ David to Ellie.

David is a survivalist and cannibal leader residing in a small town in post-apocalyptic America. David serves as the secondary antagonist in the video game The Last of Us. At first, David appears to be a soft-spoken and friendly man. However, it is revealed he is actually the leader of a cannibalistic group of hunters. He kidnaps Ellie and tries to convince her to join them and possibly be his lover. However, she refuses and instead insists that he kill her and eat her. Just as he and James are about to chop her up, she claims to be infected and uses their shock and confusion to kill David's right hand man, bite David in the process and escape their slaughterhouse. Ellie attempts to escape the town, but is cornered by David in a burning restaurant. A fight ensues and just as David has her pinned to the floor (possibly intending to rape her), she reaches for his machette and kills him.