Dave the Intern

Dave the Intern

They'll pay for this, they're all gonna pay! Wuhahahahaha! Do you want fries with that?
~ Dave the Intern, "Double Doomsday"

Dave the Intern (real name: David) is a minor antagonist who appears in the Sonic Boom franchise. He is an anthropomorphic teenage rodent and small-time crook employed at Meh Burger and a founding member of the Lightning Bolt Society.

Living with his mother, he aspires to become a big-time villain despite his extreme shortcomings and constant ridicule from people deeming him a loser.


Dave is an overall complex person. Outward, he is a dorky teenager and dolt who still likes playing with action figures. Apparently unhappy with his job, Dave acts rather mindless and indifferent on his workplace in the fast-food business, paying no interest to the customers' needs and displaying sloppy dedication to his work.

His lack of enthusiasm has left him with a near-constant moody expression. Beneath his exterior, he is an angry, terrible, vituperative, and mentally unstable kid who seeks absolute anarchy and is driven by an overly ambitious goal of becoming an evil supervillain.

Though he is very small-minded and uncreative, as his evil schemes rarely amount to anything threatening, he is still cruel, merciless, undemonstrative, and ruthless. When hearing Cubot's dislike of him, he coldly dismantled him, and when Eggman told him to wait for the bigger projects, he snapped and would go as far as to destroy the world to prove himself.

Because no one shows him any respect though, Dave is at constant odds with others as he just want to be bad which manifest as a bad temper. He is also shown to be exceptionally argumentative and vengeful, promising retribution at whoever gets in his way or upsets him.


Dave is a tall, skinny anthropomorphic rodent, though he is still only a little more that half the height of Dr. Eggman's. He has aqua fur with bangs mimicking a hairline, cowlicks on the top of his head and neck, green eyes, and an almost complete white muzzle.

He also possesses a wide black nose, three freckles/zits on each cheek, and two overly large buck teeth. For attire, he wears a lavender shirt depicting yellow leaves and a tag, white gloves, and a pair of red and cyan sneakers. He also has two braces on his buck teeth.

When attending the Lightning Bolt Society, Dave wears a purple robe with a long hood and a red fez emblazoned with the Lightning Bolt Society's symbol. Dave also has a costume created in the likeness of his supervillain persona, which include a cardboard box cutout as a helmet, a table cloth for a cape, brown gloves, and blue covers strapped to his shoes.

His Story

Living with his mother, Dave would constantly be pestered by her to become an evil villain, but he was never able to fulfill her expectations. During Dr. Eggman's infamous carrier, Dave became a fan of the doctor and aspired to become a villain like him.

He would eventually help found the Lightning Bolt Society, a group of low-time crooks, of which he became a member. As a group, Dave and his lodge would search Eggman's trash for noteworthy weapons.[P

After a year and a half in the fast food industry, Dave met Eggman at his work on Meh Burger where he impressed Eggman with his admiration and was made his intern. While working at Dr. Eggman's lair, Dave heard Cubot's dislike of him and dismantled the robot in secret.

Dave was soon promoted to Eggman's protégée, but when Eggman told him to wait for the bigger projects, Dave snapped and locked himself in Eggman's lab where he activated the countdown on Eggman's doomsday device to prove himself.

As he and Eggman compete for who could destroy the planet best, Tails came to help Dave improve his device, but it soon turned out to be an trap which rendered Dave's doomsday device moot. Dave was then fired by Eggman and he returned to his old job, swearing revenge.

While at work, Dave made an order for Eggman, only for the doctor to take it from him without paying. Dave and the rest of the Lightning Bolt Society would later got the news that Tails destroyed an orchard which they thought meant he was evil and went to recruit him.

After Dave helped Tails reseed the orchard with the Mutant Seed Gun, they got him to their clubhouse where he was made their new leader in their criminal endeavors.

As Tails revealed he was not evil, Sonic, Amy and Eggman broke into the club, where Dave was commanded by Eggman to attack Sonic. However, his attempted utterly failed and the heroes got away.

In the Village, Dave and the villagers were introduced to Eggman's Tomato Sauce by Eggman himself. After Sonic involuntary proved it was safe, Dave bought some sauce cans for himself. However, a few weeks later, he was attacked by his workplace's cash register, which had been turned into a weapon by Eggman's sauce cans.

Fortunately, he was saved by Team Sonic who put a stop to Eggman's scheme. While later at work, Dave served his last chili dogs to Fastidious and an impatient Sonic.

As Dave revealed his chili dog status to Eggman when the doctor tried ordering one, he mentioned they had more at the warehouse, which set Sonic off to appease Eggman.

Continuing his work nonetheless, Dave would serve Sonic, Knuckles and Tails their orders when they came to Meh Burger.

Meeting with up with the Lightning Bolt Society, Dave learned from the Tree Spy that Eggman had left his lair. Dave and the Lightning Bolts therefore took over the lair, but could not figure out its systems, and, in the process, launched many random attacks on Bygone Island.

Dave in particular shut down Orbot and Cubot. As Team Sonic and Eggman tried to stop them, Dave and his associates prepared an ambush after seeing them on surveillance, but had to flee when the unlikely allies outsmarted them.

One time when Dave provided Amy with poor service, he found himself competing with Chez Amy over Meh burger's customers. Using various gimmicks, Dave gained the upper hand, but lost once Amy's partner Dr. Eggman, who too was upset about Dave's service, blew up Meh Burger.

Dave was later hired by Amy, but his poor service of Eggman drove the villain to attack him and Chez Amy. Though Dave survived, Chez Amy was ruined, but Team Sonic helped Dave rebuilt Meh Burger and he resumed his job.

It was later with some glee that Dave helped Mayor Fink banish Sonic when he lost a race to Swifty the Shrew. Dave soon after voted against the Village Council's decision to unbanish Sonic and have him stop Eggman's army, but it was for naught.

As the annual Chili Dog Cook-Off approached, Dave was confident he would win with his secret chili recipe. Much to his dismay though, Sonic was easily able to discern the ingredients when he tried bragging about it to Team Sonic.

Dave eventually went to Knuckles while he served as deputy major to have him outlaw certain cheap sandwiches so that Meh Burger could stay in business and he could keep his job, but his proposal was ejected and Dave left in bitterness.

As Dave continued his job at Meh Burger, he was hired by Eggman to serve as the caterer and an actor on his movie set, where Dave portrayed Sonic. However, he was demoted during the filming once the real Sonic took over his role.

When Dave and the village were in a uproar over Sonic's supposed insensitivity, Dave provided Sonic with poor service at his job as retribution. Attending the Lightning Bolt Society soon after, Dave and his lodge learned from the Tree Spy that Sonic had retired and Team Sonic was out of town, so thus used this chance to harass the Village.

However, after they set a sheep stampede loose, Sonic returned to stop their activities. As Dave moped over being showed up, he and his lodge were forced to attend Amy's sensitivity seminar after Willy Walrus made a defamatory and offensive comment.

While at work later on, Dave met an alternate Knuckles who mistook him for a genius, which Dave took complete disinterest in.

Under his mother's nagging, Dave sought to live out his supervillain dreams by destroying Team Sonic, but all his attempts failed to even get their attention. As Eggman then showed Dave his new Electrocage to condescend, Dave accidentally knocked out Eggman.

Dave took this chance to imprison Eggman in his cage and announce himself as Eggman's successor to the public, but with Sonic unnerved, Dave brought out Octopus Bot. However, he was unable to control the robot and had to be saved by Team Sonic, who also freed Eggman.

In the process, Dave destroyed his mother's house, though it finally made her acknowledge him as a villain.nWhen New Year's Eve then arrived, Dave worked a late-night shift at Meh Burger to serve the party guests visiting the Village Center.

Archie Comics

Dave was amongst the villagers who went to Dr. Eggman's Eggtoberfest, where he got to try the high-velocity rollercoaster.