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Dave Lyons

While Dave is good in his job, he's more interested in being the preening peacock who goes to lavish galas than running the daily operations of his company. Dave loves ladies, drinking, and he's never over the top. Dave is very dry, blunt, and rich if he didn't have several ex-wives to support. Dave also hired his daughter Stephanie to work for him just because she was his daughter and he commands the respect and attention of his employees.

Dave has done several immoral business practices such as having offshore accounts in Switzerland, bribing the taxi driver and people at the farmer's market to make Nelson have less time to make his lasagna when Dave wanted to in order to impress his daughter Stephanie at a party, getting arrest before while at Niagara Falls with his wife on their anniversary which was how he learned to escape his handcuffs, ignoring Stephanie when he was reunited with her mother, and threatening to murder Nelson unless he found the warrant needed to prove to a police officer that he was authorized to run a casino.

However, Dave seems have to have a really good side because the Mayor of New York City offered to do business with Dave if he fired Stephanie and Dave refused since he cares about his daughter.

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