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Full Name
Dash Baxter
Danny Phantom
Athlete and Student at Casper High School
Powers / Skills
Athletic Skills, Bullying and Strength
Bullying and harrasing Danny Fenton, Tucker Foley, Sam Manson, and all other unpopular kids
No Information
Type of Villain
Athletic Villian, Bullies

~ Dash Baxter's catchphrase.

Dash Baxter is a major recurring character and occasional antagonist in Danny Phantom.

Dash is voiced by S. Scott Bullock.


Dash is a star football and basketball player who often (with Kwan) bullies Danny Fenton, Tucker Foley and the other unpopular kids at Casper High School. He almost gets away with everything due to him being the most popular guy at Casper High and his winning streak when he dominates over his peers which a lot of them fear him and sucks it up to his teachers.

He also has a crush on Danny's older sister Jazz Fenton.

He appears in Public Enemies where his body is possessed by Walker when he and his minions take posses many of Danny's enemies in an effort to get revenge on Danny when he let several of his prisoners free in an earlier episode.

In the episode: Micro Management Dash along with Danny and Skulker are accidentally shrunken down to an inch by Jack Fenton with Skulker on the loose Danny is forced to work with Dash in order to regrow into normal size through the episode Danny begins to transform into his human form when ever Dash notices the changes Danny lies to him in order to keep his identity secret from him they later regrow into normal size.

When Dash and the rest of the of the world finds out about Danny's idenity in Reality Trip Dash, Kwan Paulina almost instantly help Danny Phantom escape the Guys in White it is later shown he has respect for Danny Fenton and lost interest in bullying him.

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