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~ Dash Baxter's catchphrase (shouting Danny Fenton's last name).

Dash Baxter is a major recurring character and the tertiary antagonist/anti-hero in Danny Phantom. Dash even appears as the main antagonist for some episodes in the series.

Though Dash is a typical jerk especially to Danny there were some moment where he acted as a villain.

Dash is voiced by S. Scott Bullock.

Villainous Roles

Dash is a star football and basketball player who often (with Kwan) bullies Danny Fenton, Tucker Foley, Sam Manson and the other unpopular kids at Casper High School. He almost gets away with everything due to him being the most popular guy at Casper High and his winning streak when he dominates over his peers which a lot of them fear him and sucks it up to his teachers.

He also has a crush on Danny's older sister Jazz Fenton much to Danny's disgust.

Dash appears in the series premiere "Mystery Meat" as the two main antagonists (along with the Lunch Lady Ghost), he first appears to be very angry at Danny as well as Sam the latter who had the lunch menu, he then forces Danny to eat the mud just as Danny was about to do so Danny calls in a food fight triggering chaos in the cafeteria which Dash gets hit by mud Dash states Danny will pay for this, Eventually when Danny and Tucker gets in trouble with Mr. Lancer, the school's vice-principal for the food fight in the cafeteria, Danny attempts convince Lancer that Dash started it, but Lancer refuses to listen and states Dash isn't in trouble due to his Football star status eventually Danny Sam and Ticker have to clean up the meat and Dash laughs evilly at Danny, Danny finally get his revenge when he uses his ghost power to dump on the meat on Dash, Dash shouts "Fenton a little help?" and Danny sarcastically responds "whatever you say Dash whatever you say".

In "Fanning the Flames", Dash and Kwan appear the secondary antagonists of the episode where they are hired by Ember McLain as security guards during her concert and are then ordered to capture Danny, Sam and Tucker behind the stage Sam manages to scare them off by kissing Dash himself much to his horror in order to brake the spell of Danny being in love with her.

He appears in "Public Enemies" where his body is possessed by Walker when he and his minions take posses many of Danny's enemies in an effort to get revenge on Danny when he let several of his prisoners free in an earlier episode.

In the episode "Micro Management", Dash along with Danny and Skulker are accidentally shrunken down to an inch by Jack Fenton with Skulker on the loose Danny is forced to work with Dash in order to regrow into normal size through the episode Danny begins to transform into his human form when ever Dash notices the changes Danny lies to him in order to keep his identity secret from him they later regrow into normal size.

In "Reality Trip Part 2", when Mr. Lancer demands to know who made a mess in the cafeteria Dash pins the blame on Sam and Tucker forcing the latter two too clean up the cafeteria.

When Dash and the rest of the of the world finds out about Danny's identity in "Reality Trip" Dash, KwanPaulina almost instantly help Danny Phantom escape the Guys in White it is later shown he has respect for Danny Fenton and lost interest in bullying him.


  • Dash would be considered the main human antagonist of the show unless someone counts Vlad Plasmius as the main human antagonist who is half human and half ghost.
  • Dash is very similar to Flash Thompson from Spider-Man.

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