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Ancient Wevayafawn! Heaw ma cwy! Da cwy of Dawtz, da weader of da Oricacamaloos, wake up and do some weeaaally cwazy s--t, mayun!

Dartz is a filler antagonist in the internet parody Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series by Little Kuriboh. He is voiced by Takahata101, who also provides the voices for several other abridged characters such as Nappa, Alucard, Super Kami Guru and Cell.


Dartz is the leader of an ancient cult dedicated to reviving Leviathan on Earth. They're also a rival group to Marik's Evil Council of Doom.

After Melvin and Pegasus, he's probably the most competent villain seen so far, in that his plans involve doing actual damage. It's stated that he once sucked out Channing Tatum's soul as a joke, showing that he's a sadist. He also doesn't show much respect towards Leviathan, calling it a "widdle bitch" when it was beaten by Yugi.

Dartz has a heavy Cajun accent, which causes several communication problems when he's giving his henchmen orders. Because of this, his henchmen believe that he's some kind of deviant. This accent was not present in his very first appearance. His hair also changes colour, first in-between shots, then on-screen.

Dartz' Minions


A generic minion who only exists to introduce the new story arc. He is so mundane as a character that he wasn't even given a name, so Yami Yugi just calls him "bro". He played the Seal of Orichalchos against Yami Yugi, which caused his soul to be consumed by the Leviathan when he lost the duel.


Dartz' right-hand man. Originally he came from a wealthy family, but they were lost at sea during a cruise. After spending several years on a desert island with nothing but his trading cards, Rafael lost the ability to speak, only being able to say "zug-zug". He regained the power of articulate speech around the same time that Dartz lost his.

Rafael is convinced that having the potential to be evil makes everyone evil, even though his life was saved at one point. He hates Zombie-Boy (Bonz) in particular.


Alister came from a nameless nation that was at war with another nameless nation. He was involved in an accident that killed his younger brother and caused his testicles to permanently retract into his body, hence his soprano-voice. Since Kaiba's step-father was involved, he has a grudge against KaibaCorp.


Valon is an Australian who wears shoulder pads. Rafael points out that he's actually cockney, but for some reason Valon doesn't realise this.

Mai Valentine

After the humiliation of losing to Jeoy Wheeler finally gets to be too much for her, Mai joins forces with Dartz. She then becomes a fully-developed character who is sick of being objectified. Dartz originally wanted to steal Mai's deck, but this never happened as his minions misheard through his accent and assumed that Mai was transgender.