Dart Petite is the name of a henchwoman and kidnapper working for The Voice, and is an antagonist in the second story arc of Bandette, first appearing in issue 10.

Description and Personality

Dart Petite is a woman who looks fairly young, with almost perfectly white hair and dead, gray eyes, contrasting with her age and dark eyebrows. She wears a crisp uniform, a black sweater with a pink stripe down the middle with a pink skirt and black leggings. She carries around her two whitish-colored dart crossbows that she uses effectively as her main weapons of choice.

Though she hasn't been shown often yet, she seems to be very cold and calculating, but as opposed to assassins like Il Tredici, who worked for The Voice's former disciple Absinthe, shows some degree of restraint and dignity. It's unknown whether she is an assassin or merely a henchwoman and messenger, since to this point she's only used her weapon loaded with nonlethal sleeping darts. However, she has been known to have her restraint worn down, as with confronting Bandette for the first time.


Dart Petite first shows up in the premiere issue of the House of the Green Mask arc, knocking out and holding hostage various, seemingly unrelated members of society. However, at the end of the issue, she knocks out and captures Bandette's good friend Daniel.

Dart Petite reappears in the second issue of the arc, after it's heavily implied that she and The Voice's other henchmen use advanced interrogation tactics, and are bringing up subjects such as Bandette, Madame Presto, and "The Green House". She then knocks out all the captives save for Daniel, to whom she introduces herself. She then meets Bandette on a wire bridge connecting two rooftops. An enraged Bandette gives chase, but in trying to fight her, Bandette redirects one of Petite's own darts back at her, subduing her.