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Darryl Adams was a nasty, evil, womanizing drug-dealing (in secret) mobster in competition with Rodney in the movie in the movie Clockers.

He was portrayed by Steve White.

The main villainary is when he nastily berates Strike on multiple occasions in one scenes. He calls him a girl (while threatening violence against him), makes fun of him for his avoidance of greasy foods, being his stomach wouldn't allow him to eat it.

Darryl (much like the hero of this movie, Strike) has much in common with many of our favorite Italian and Spanish mobsters in movies, and that's no coincidence. This film was produced by Martin Scorsese (he wrote the script), hence giving our main criminal (along with Strike, also a "bro"-saying kid) similarities; since Italians and Spanish came up with the word "bro". Another similarity is he also does his business on the inside and in private (most mobsters who do drug deals do it in secret—drugs are something that can destroy an organization if caught). Much like many mobsters, he is very disciplined and has no tolerance for nonsense, compared to Rodney. He is more trigger-happy (it's implied that he shot Scientific). Darryl's affably evil, as he's warm toward his worker, to which he commands him to take care of Strike in a rather friendly.

While Darryl's time onscreen is restricted to that one scene, it's his murder that is the subject of this movie in the first place.

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