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F*ck you, weenies. [throws a package of screaming sausages into the garbage can] [sighs] F*ck, I hate this f*cking job!
~ Darren.
Cleanup on aisle 2, this milf dropped a douche.
~ Darren.

Darren is the secondary antagonist of the 2016 computer-animated adult film, Sausage Party. He is the manager of Shopwell's supermarket and Douche's pawn.

He was voiced by Paul Rudd who also played Derek Dietl in Monsters vs. Aliens (which also starred Seth Rogen).

In the film

Darren first appears opening Shopwell's on July 3. He is clearly bored and uninterested with his job, and most of it has become routine.

He next appears after the opening song, going around and picking up expired foods and throwing them away. This daily routine has earned him a nickname the "Dark Lord" from the foods of the store, while the grocery shoppers are considered to be benevolent as they believe they are taking them to the Great Beyond where they can live their lives in pleasure. This effectively makes him a sort of death god in their cosmology, further emphasized by the abyss-like appearance of his trash can as unfortunate food items are discarded.

He is seem later when he views at the destruction that Frank caused when figuring out the truth where he was one of the many victims being injected with toothpick laced with bath salts. To his anger, he originally believed that "Gary" threw the toothpick at him.

Darren is present in the final battle, where he frantically tries to open up a drawer which contains a revolver. He believes the whole thing to be an illusion but, Douche come up behind him and and unwillingly teams up with him in order to kill Frank, where he "Ratatouilles" him by shoving his nozzle up his anus, and controlling his actions like a puppet by yanking on his scrotum.

Unfortunately for the duo, Barry (a deformed sausage who helps lead the rebellion against humans) hooked up a couple of propane tanks to the garbage pail that Darren uses to throw out expired foods, and Brenda helps Frank escape before the pail catches both Darren and Douche, sending them through the store's ceiling and exploding, killing them both.



  • It is possible that Darren may be a teenager due to wearing glasses, having a nerdy-sounding voice, short chin hair, and his face partially having acne.

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