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Full Name
Valkyrie Cain, Stephine Edgley
Skulduggery Pleasant books
Detective (as Valkyrie), World Breaker (as Darquesse)
Powers / Skills
dimension shunting, healing, telekinesis, possession, elemental control, flying
Murder followers, killing innocent people
Destroy the universe, kill the Faceless Ones, absorb Valkyrie Cain's essence
Type of Villain
Dark Messiah, Sadist, Sorceress, Planet Destroyer

Darquesse (real name: Stephanie Edgley and taken name: Valkyrie Cain.) is one of the main antagonists of the Skulduggery Pleasant series. Like Lord Vile, she is split personality of Valkyrie. She awakens in Valkyrie's mind not long after being able to access the power granted by her true name. The prophecy states that she will destroy the world.


Originally Darquesse had black hair and wore black protective boots, trousers, shirt and jacket. When she took over Valkyrie forever she wore clothing similar to The Bride of Bloodtears saying that she looks like a 'psychotic belly dancer' this got burned when she saved China, the then doned clothing made of shadow which 'when from her feet to her jawline' when she possessed Valkyrie Cain's reflection she had the same physical look but her clothes (whilst they looked the same as her original black clothing) were crimson red.




  • Ability to travel between dimensions
  • Manipulating Black Flame (which burns greater than normal fire)
  • Telepathically talk through people with psychic powers
  • Possession of people with psychic powers
  • Telekinesis
  • matter manipulation
  • See death
  • See and manipulate the magic and conscious of others
  • Can replicate the magic of others
  • Healing (even the brain)
  • Can create shields of energy
  • Create burst of white light which destroys large areas
  • Can remove Remnants from their hosts
  • Giving a person total agony for 23 hours a day which will increase if they get use to it
  • Ressuection


Mortal Coil- Darquesse first shows up when Valkyrie is possessed by a Remnant. This only gave her a small sample of what she could become as she was in control of the Remnant rather than the Remnant controlling her. She kills a few Remnants before Skulduggery talks her into destroying the Remnant inside her. Turnig her back into Valkyrie Cain.

Death Bringer- Darquesse's second appearance is when one of the Jitter Girls nearly kills Valkyrie, Darquesse emerges at the last second and sends all three Jitter Girls back into the box. She then flies to the sky but is talked back into becoming Valkyrie by Skulduggery. The third time she emerges is when Valkyrie and Melancholia are escaping from Lord Vile. Valkyrie asks Melancholia to try to kill her. Again at the last second Darquesse emerges and she fights Lord Vile. After Lord Vile snaps himself back into Skulduggery, he again manages to talk Darquesse back into Valkyrie.

Kingdom Of The Wicked- Darquesse is forced to emerge in order to work with Lord Vile to kill Doran, Kitana, Sean and Argeddion. She gets sent into the alternative universe when earth is rused by Mevolent. The two battle, Mevolent nearly kills Darquesse but is stopped when she hits him with a horse. After travelling back to her own universe she kills Doran, Kitana and Sean but Argeddion resurrects them. He accidentlyly kills his alternative self and gives up. Lord Vile uses a tapping ryhthm to snap back into Skulduggery and uses sigils to turn Darquesse back into Valkyrie

Last Stand of Dead Men-

The Dying of The Light-

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