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Darph Bobo

Darph Bobo

Darph Bobo is Chode McBlob's nemisis from Tripping The Rift. Has a wife named Barnice and there teenage off-spring named Babette. Bobo gets very close in defeating he's nemesis (first time He defeated Chode was Chode's Near Death Experience). Shared similar traits with Dr. Wasabi, Mr. Mufflin and Lok. Darph Bobo is the supreme leader of the Dark Clown Empire. He wants to take over the universe because he was teased as a child (mostly by Chode). He attended high school with Chode, and the two also spent time in prison together. He has a belittling wife, Bernice, and two daughters, the teenager Babette and an unnamed younger child. Bobo is often seen with his "clown trooper" guards - a parody of Storm Troopers. Both his name and outfit are a parody of the Darths from the Star Wars movies, as is his desire to construct a "Death Orb", a deadly battle station, which is a parody of the Death Star.

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