Template:InfoboxThe Darkspore are an evil and bloodthirsty army of mutants and are the titicular antagonists in the video game Darkspore.


The Darkspore wre created by a power hungry Crogenitor scientist named Xylan through a series of experiments with E-DNA. The resulting injections resulted in the subjects mutating into the evil Darkspore and went on a rampage across the Galaxy, killing thousands of creatures

and a majority of Crogenitors. Ultimately, the sole form of government in the Galaxy, the Crogenitor Empire, declared war on the Darkspore. Later, Xylan was exiled and fled to an unknown planet and injected himself with the E-DNA and became The Corruptor, and gained full control of the Darkspore. At some point, the Darkspore attacked the capital of the Crogenitor empire, the planet Perceptum. During the rsulting attack, the Crogenitor Emperor was assassinated. Years later, the tide began to turn when one of the last living Crogenitors began to aid other creatures in rescuing planets from the Darkspore. He also drove them off the planets they attacked and killed off their commanders. Eventually, the Crogenitor reached the desert capital of the Darkspore, the planet Scaldron, and fought The Corruptor himself. In the resulting fight, the young and heroic Crogenitor killed The Corruptor and caused his body to explode into shadows which quickly withered away. Inhabitants of various planets began to kill off the last of the Darkspore after The Corruptor's demise. With the Darkspore defeated and The Corruptor seemingly gone for good, the Galaxy was peaceful once more and the Crogenitor Empire was reorganized.