Leave you in peace? I will leave you in pieces!
~ Darksol

Darksol is the main villain from the video game Shining Force. His goal was to awaken Dark Dragon by undoing the seal.


In the game, Darksol was first seen showing himself to Max and everyone being surrounded by skeletons and zombies. It was also revealed that he convinced King Ramladu, the ruler of Runefaust, to bring war upon Guardina. Darksol placed an evil mask over Kane's face, which made him do his bidding as his lieutenent. Later, after Kane was defeated and that his evil mask broke, he and Max tried to stop Darksol from getting the manual, but it was too late. At the ancient tower, he finished off Kane and then went off to awaken Dark Dragon. Finally, Darksol had his fight with Max at the alter where Dark Dragon was. Afterwards, Darksol sacrifaced his life to reawaken Dark Dragon and was not seen again.


  • The main villains from Shining in the Darkness and Shining Force both shared the same name of "Darksol".
  • He shares a similarity with Validar from the video game "Fire Emblem: Awakening" and Sir Grodus from "Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door"; they each had a goal that involved them ressurecting demons that would pretty much the world (Grima, The Shadow Queen, and Dark Dragon). Coincindently, those monsters acted as the final bosses of their games.