The Darkshine Knight is a major antagonist in the game Seiken Densetsu 3. He is an immensely powerful Chaos Knight and the third-in-command of the Dragon Emperor. As such, he plays a large role in Duran's and Angela's story. He is in fact Duran's late father, whose soul was enslaved and reincarnated by the Dragon Emperor.


Loli Knight of Gold

Loki in Heroes of Mana

The Darkshine Knight was once a human named Loki. He was the mightiest Knight of Gold (elite knight) of the grasslands kingdom of Valsena (Forcena in the unofficial translation), as well as Prince Richard's best friend and right-hand-man.

Loki is a playable in the game Heroes of Mana, set nineteen years before the start of the story. He fights in the coalition against the warmongering Ancient Kingdom of Pedda, which threatened to invade the world of Fa'Diel. It appears that Inath, the boy king of Pedda, was corrupted by Anise: the avatar of the former Archdemon Medusa, who was using him to resurrect and return to power. Anise is eventually destroyed for good, unfortunately taking Pedda along with her.

Around four years later, Loki left his wife Simone, and his two children Duran and Wendy, in the care of his sister-in-law Stella, because he had to fight alongside Prince Richard and the Valsenian army against the forces of the demonic Dragon Emperor, who set out for world domination in his turn. At some point in the game, Duran is sent back in time by a ripple of Mana Power and tries to warn him, but Loki does not listen, though he ironically hopes that his son turns out to become a fine young man like him, not knowing that his wish is granted. Loki ultimately engaged a fight against the Dragon Emperor, and they both fell into a bottomless pit, ending the war at the cost of his life.

However, the spirit of the Dragon Emperor survived and retained all his evil power. Acknowledging Loki's immense skills, the Dragon Emperor resolved to use it for his own gain. He enslaved Loki's dead soul, which he sealed in a dark armour, turning the brave Knight of Gold into the fearsome Darkshine Knight. Some years later, they met a young Altenian wizard in training named Koren, who ran away from home because he was "useless with magic". The Dragon Emperor granted Koren incredible magical power in exchange of a part of his soul, thus enslaving another human. Now helped by two extremely powerful servants, the Dragon Emperor hatched a plan to regain his body and became the new God of Fa'Diel, by releasing and using the eight dreaded God Beasts.


Once noble, stalwart, kind and with a good sense of humour, if a bit too confident, Loki is now a cold and cruel killing machine who only talks when he has something to say to someone, killing the rest without so much as a word. However, he retains a soft spot for his son, whom he would like to have by his side, even though he is bound to try to kill him if he refuses.

He is an immensely skilled swordsman who masters virtually any sword technique, and many element-infusing spells to increase the power of his strikes. Statistically, he is close to Duran's Dark-Aligned classes, as a warped mirror of what his son can be. His soul is bound to the Dragon Emperor, and should his master be slain, he would fade from existence soon after.

In game

The Darkshine Knight obeys Koren's orders and leads the Dragon Emperor's armies of monsters, which he likely helped to raise. If neither Duran nor Angela was selected as the game's first protagonist, then Koren and the Dragon Emperor will be killed by the final boss of the storyline. The Darkshine Knight survives long enough to reach the Mana Holyland and to tell what happened to the game's protagonists, but as he states himself, his "life" was bound to the Dragon Emperor's and he shall soon disappear forever.

When the protagonists reach the Mana Holyland, the location of the Mana Tree (the Mana Goddess' earthly avatar) the Darkshine Knight helps Koren and his lord to get rid of the other villains. He then stays by Koren's side, when the evil Wizard of the Crimson Lotus takes the legendary Sword of Mana from the protagonists and uses it to release the God Beasts, before unleashing the Dragon Emperor's army of monsters on the world.

After slaying the eight God Beasts, the protagonists head for the Glass Desert when they battle the Darkshine Knight, whom they manage to defeat. If Duran is in the party, even if he isn't the game's main hero, the Darkshine Knight reveals his identity and asks Duran to join the Dragon Emperor's side, mirroring Darth Vader's and Luke Skywalker's first confrontation. Then, when the Darkshine Knight is defeated, Loki's soul appears and thank his son for freeing him. If Duran isn't among the protagonists, the Darkshine Knights attacks without a word and his secret vanish along with him.

Boss Battle

The Darkshine Knight is regarded as the hardest boss among the three third-in-commands. The mightier you are the better, for he is at level 44 and has 17132 life-points, way more than Koren himself. He is very powerful, very dangerous and very long to defeat.

Vacuum Sword

Vacuum Sword

The Darkshine Knight attacks only with his sword but he can also cast the self-describing spells Power Up and Protect Up on himself. Better avoid fighting at close range, for he delivers powerful blows which can strike several characters, or strike a character twice, and his counterattacks are very dangerous.

The knight uses nearly every special sword techniques that Duran can learn. He mostly uses a combo with Whirlwind Sword (he charges around the screen in a circular motion with his sword whirling around him), Vacuum Sword (he sends countless twisters around him with his sword), and Eruption Sword (he stabs the ground and causes a blazing explosion on his targets). All his special techniques are highly powerful and strike every target; and he launches them in quick succession.

Eruption Sword

Eruption Sword

The Darkshine Knight is weak to the Light element, so cast the Light magic on your weapons and harass him with every Light based magic you can. Also try to decrease his strength and speed, while raising your own might and defence. Never stay close to him longer than you have to, use your best spells and special techniques and heal every time your character's life-points decrease under at least 100 before his next attack.