Darkseid's Elite are a group of natives of the planet Apokolips who are an elite band of servants of their lord and master, Darkseid, and villains in the DC Comics.

The Elite are the top chosen to Darkseid, ruler of Apokolips. The Elite became his most powerful band of warriors as they lead the Apokoliptian military forces to crush their enemies and conquer the cosmos in Darkseid's name. They are also enemies of Superman who constantly fought their master.


  • Amazing Grace - A master manipulator, Glorious Godfrey's younger sister, who once managed to brainwash Superman.
  • Bane of Apokolips -
  • Brola - An elite shock trooper.
  • Desaad - A sadistic torturer. He is also Darkseid's majordomo.
  • Devilance - The "god of the hunt", who was seemingly killed by Lobo during the events of 52.
  • Doctor Bedlam - A pure energy being, who inhabits a neverending series of artificial bodies.
  • Glorious Godfrey - A master manipulator who serves as Darkseid's false prophet and second-in-command, mostly adept at bending huge masses of people to his will.
  • Granny Goodness - The founder of the Female Furies and keeper of the horrid orphanages in Apokolips.
  • Female Furies - An all female military unit lead by Granny Goodness which serves as both an elite strike force and an honor guard for Darkseid.
  • Justifiers - Warriors who are also used as militaristic forces in the legions of Apokolips.
  • Kalibak - Darkseid's eldest son, a thuggish brute.
  • Kanto - A master assassin, and "Preening clotheshorse", as Darkseid once described him.
  • Mantis (DC)- A bug-like warrior, and one of New Genesis' insect people.
  • Mortalla - A servant of Darkseid who can induce sleep with one hand and death with another; she was once a mortal, but was heavily modified to serve him.
  • Parademons - Darkseid's shock troopers who serve in the Apokoliptian army
  • Steppenwolf - Darkseid's uncle, who is the military official of Apokolips; he once killed Izaya's beloved wife.
  • Titan (DC) - A green giant.
  • Virman Vundabar - An expert strategist and sycophant, who emulates the appearance and mannerisms of a Prussian office.

Appearances in other media

TV appearance

  • Many of Darkseid's Elite members have appeared in Superman: The Animated Series.
  • Many of the Elite members appeared in Justice League Unlimited.
  • Some of the Elite members appeared in Smallville. The members were Desaad, Godfrey and Granny who are portrayed as minion-prophets. Titan appeared in the episode "Combat" played by Glenn Jacobs
  • A few of Darkseid's Elite appear in Batman the Brave and the Bold as part of Darkseid's invasion of Earth.