Darkness Messenger Geildon is the first of the Evoliens to attack Earth, he was originally Mahoro's older brother Mizuho. Like Mahoro, he felt Asuka betrayed them and must be punished, discarded his old name. He managed to defeat Asuka in battle and take possession of the Cursed Armor. Once on Another-Earth, Geildon led the attack with the Blastasaurs and the Anamolicarus. But after his defeat, mortally wounded, he had Destruction Messenger Jannu kill him so she can use the Curse Armor to fulfill their revenge on Asuka.

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Darkness Messenger Geildon

Cursed Armor

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A suit of armor from DinoEarth that turns its owner into a monster bent on destroying everything in sight, passing to the one who defeat its wielder. After defeating Asuka, Geildon came into possession of the armor. He used it to try to kill Asuka on Another-Earth but was beaten by the newly formed Abaranger team. He later made a second attempt, but after Yukito arrived to rejoin the team Geildon was mortally wounded by the newly formed Dino Bomber. After Anamolicarus was destroyed by AbarenOh, Geildon, knowing he can't carry on, allows himself to die at Jannu's hands to pass the armor on to her.

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Neo-Geildon is an evil "embodiment clone" created by Space War God Borudosu in the film Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters: Dinosaur Great Battle! Farewell, Eternal Friends. Not the original Darkness Messenger Geildon, he is an evil embodiment of the regret of the Evolian in their failure to defeat the Abarangers in the past.

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