But, you attacked Gillian.
~ Sahra
Hehehe. There was no Gillian. It was me. I played a trick on you. Now, give me the belt!
~ Darkman, before he attacks Sunborn
Forgive me, master, forgive me. I failed you again...
~ Darkman's last words

Darkman is the main antagonist of the first season of the DVD cartoon-series "The Story of the Stones" which was used in Austria in some schools for the English lesson. In Season 2, it's revealed that he's the servant of a god-like being called The Lord of the Fire. In the first season, he tries many times to get the stones, but ever failes. Finally, he seems to be destroyed by a woman called Sunborn. In the second season, he disguises himself as a girl named Gillian to trick the children who owe the three stones the series is about. In an epic battle he's finally killed by the kids, begging his master to forgive him.