Darklens is a powerful deity from the Weirdworld series and is notable for being one of few villains who is every bit as dangerous when dead as he is when alive - being able to corrupt others via his presence alone.


In the distant past the wicked god Darklens clashed with his fellow gods and lost; as a result of their duel the planet of Weirdwolrd was created and Darklens was stranded upon its surface. Determined to reclaim his worthiness amongst his fellow gods Darklens suspended an island of earth into the air - from the Region of Shadow beneath the island he conjured forth monsters and other dark entities, however before Darklens could complete his scheme a white comet (sent by the god known as "the white wolf") smashed through the floating island and crushed Darklens.

The floating island, now with a hole in its center, became known as Klarn.
Eons later the five Dark Riders - created from fragments of Darklens' soul - gathered five shards from the comet which slew Darklens and from them made the Darklens gems by placing the gems upon his skeletal remains to absorb what remained of his life-force.

They transported Darklens' body to the Tomb of Limbo and began preparations to one day resurrect him at the coming solstice.

The Darklens gems came into the possession of Tyndall, Velanna and Mud-Butt - they learned of the sorcerer Zarthon and planned to bring the gems to him.

That evening moonlight shone through the gems as they lay by a window and the reflection of Darklens' soul manifested silver elemental wraiths but the wraiths were driven off by the "white wolf" - the next day the trio brought the gems to Zarthon, who identified their name and purpose.

The three heroes proceeded to bring the Darklens gems and Key of Illumination to the Tomb of Limbo with instructions from Zarthon on how to destroy Darklens' bones - they accessed the crypt and unearthed Darklens' skeleton but Zarthon was corrupted by the power of Darklens and claimed the gems for himself, absorbing Darklens' power into himself - as Zarthon began to transform into Darklens he was assaulted by the Dark Riders, who were enraged at the desecration of their master, the "white wolf" finally intervened and slew Zarthon/Darklens to save Weirdworld.