Dark Witsuarunemitea is the villain from the anime and video game Utawarerumono  who wants to start wars and make a master kingdom

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After Hakuoro has his loved one Mikoto dissected and the scientists want to use use a replica of his mask(which he got from a pact with Witsuarunemitea) so they can return to the surface of the earth. This enrages Witsuarunemitea causing him to wreck havoc but his good side calls out to be sealed and Mutsumi comes to great him his request but the sealing goes wrong causing him to split in two. Several years later he possesses Dii. Dark Witsuarunemite Hakuoro fights him in the final episode and merges with him and request to be sealed away so his evil side no longer causes harm.

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In a interview it is said that Dark Witsuarunemitea is a mind and when ever he come back he needs a body to take over.