The Dark Witch

The Dark Witch

The Dark Witch is a main villainess in Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart: The Movie. A witch from the Dusk Zone who wants to take the Garden of Hope's Diamond Line to ressurect the Dark King.


The Dark Witch is extremely loyal to the Dark King seeing as she was willing to steal the Diamond Line in order to resurrect him. She is quite sadistic but neverthless seems to have a fun-loving, teasing , mischivous side to her personality as seen in the DX3 movie when she made fun of Cure Marine and Cure Aqua for failing to destroy her crystal. The witch also seems to like loneliness which can be guesses from the fact that she lives in an abandoned ship-graveyard with noone but her mindless bat servants.

Powers and Abilities

The Witch is a formidable foe, showing expert hand-to-hand combat skills and great agility, she can use blasts of dark energy or create spheres and shields with it. As a habitant of the Dark Zone she also has the power to summon Zakenna to aid her but she also has her own army of bat-like creatures to give her a helping hand. The witch can summon a staff to fight with meelee combat against the Cures and Luminous.

After the cures angered her she released her final power, transforming into a giant demon-bat like creature with extreme power, strength and agility.

In this form the Cures lost against her but later overpowered her after powering up and getting their gold forms.