The Dark Warriors are antagonists appearing in Jak and Daxter, the Dark Warriors were incrediby powerful warriors who were created in Aeropa. Haven attempted to create warriors first but only succeded in making one.


Haven Dark Warriors

  • Failed Dark Warriors - citizens and guards who were experimented on, all died.
  • Jak - was experimented on by Baron Praxis and Erol was given the ability to transform into a being of incredible power. In this state Jak was referred to as Dark Jak and had incredible control over Dark eco. Jak was the only succesful Haven Dark Warrior and was the most powerful out of every Dark Warrior.

Aeropa Dark Warriors

  • Dark Warriors - Aeropan warriors who were morphed into beings with some dark powers, they wore knight armour. Warriors were able to morph their arms into axes or dark leashes which could be used to control Dark Armadillos.
  • Elite Dark Warriors - larger Warriors who have an axe arm and also a giant arm which can create a shield.
  • Dark Warrior Ghost - the most powerful type of warrior, the experimentation on them was so effective they are actually made out of Dark Eco.
  • Skyheed - the Duke of Aeropa, he can transform into a massive Dark Beast form (named Dark Skyheed) which has super strength and the ability to launch dark blasts.