Dark Vegan is the secondly archenemy of Johnny Test and Dukey and a major villain in the cartoon show Johnny Test. He is a parody of Darth Vader.


Dark Vegan is the leader of Vegandon, a fertile utopian planet inhabited by a namesake species called Vegandon. He first appeared in "Johnny in Outer Space", in which it is revealed that his method of sustaining the utopia that is Vegandon is to suck the resources of other planets and use them on Vegandon. In "Johnny X: The Final Ending (JX6-b)" he comes back to get revenge on Johnny, but with the help of the Johnny helping the Not So Evil Force 5, Dark Vegan was defeated once again, after which he started living on Earth. He hated Johnny, despite Johnny trying to teach him about Earth and trying to show him that Earth isn't that bad. He starts to change his mind about Johnny after Johnny introduces him to toast, which soon becomes his new favourite food. He had a cameo appearance in "Join The Johnny Scouts" when Johnny wanted to sells him Ladybird Scout cookies. Dark Vegan also appeared in "Dark Johnny". He later returned to Vegandon but left the planet and returned to Earth the moment he learned that Vegandon doesn't have toast. He is a parody of Darth Vader from the Star Wars franchise, but his appearance is similar to Dark Helmet of the movie Spaceballs.