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"What do you think I am? Man or beast?"
~ Dark Talbain
Dark Talbain, named as Dark Gallon (ダークガロン, Dāku Garon) in Japan is the dark doppelganger of the original John Talbain, he appears in the Darkstalkers 3 series as the Final Boss of John Talbain Arcade mode.

Darkstalkers 3

When he managed to found John Talbain in the Majigen, he asked him to cut his pity relationship with the humans and challenged him into a long fight, in which John finally defeats him, accepting his curse and his life as a wolf.


He appears as a dark pallette swap of John Talbain and he fights exactly like the Vampire Hunter version of him with his Dragon Cannon animations.


-In the game he is a secret playable character along Shadow, Marionette, Oboro Bishamon and Dee.

-His fighting style, taunts and poses all are inspired by the martial artist Bruce Lee.

-His rival in the Arcade mode is Baby Bonnie Hood and his final boss is John Talbain.


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