Welcome to my castle.
~ Dark Star to Travis Touchdown

Dark Star is a fictional character in the video game; No More Heroes. He is the 1st ranked assassin in the United Assassins Association. who lives in a large castle hidden far away from Santa Destroy; his real name, age, and nationality are unknown.


Dark Star wears a suit and cape. He has armor on his arms and head. His mask look like the devil. Inside the helmet, he has purple hair, mustach and beard.



According to Jeane, Travis' father left Jeane's mother to be with Travis' mother. This caused Jeane's mother to commit suicide. Jeane was forced to live in a run-downed appartment, and every night, Dark Star would come and molest her, treating her as a slave. This caused Jeane to vow vengeance on her father.

After Travis killed all the other assassins, and became rank 2 on the UAA, he went in search for the 1st ranked assassin. With the help of his mentor's ghost, Travis was able to find the castle the 1st ranked assassin was hiding. When he reached the castle, Travis encountered Dark Star. As soon as Dark Star spotted him, he welcomed Travis. Dark Star also claims that he knows everything about Travis Touchdown's past, and claiming to be his father.

He's Not the Final Boss!??

Just when Travis and Dark Star were about to fight each other for the 1st rank of the UAA, Jeane appears from behind him and kills Dark Star with a single punch right through his pelvis. Jeane claims that he is lying, and points out that Travis' father was killed by her long before.


He wields a sword-hilt like device, the Horse Saber, which can project a large, dragon-like tendril of energy.


  • Dark Star is a complete parody of Darth Vader from the Star Wars series, because Travis thought that his parents are dead and Dark Star said that he's his father. He also has a breathing problem similar to Darth Vader. His weapon is also somewhat similar towards a Lightsaber.
  • Many fans are disappointed that they didn't even get a chance to fight him before jeane kills him feeling cheated out of an epic fight.